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Lester Rey tiene la Salsa pa' tu Rave, el Juketeo pa' tu Perreo, y los Boleros pa tus feels.

Expanding upon the cultural psyche that is Latin music by diving head first into the intersections and nuances of identity, Lester Rey fearlessly searches for the divine in the spaces between the gritty club bass and the beautiful Caribbean rhythms. Exploring personal relationships, questioning norms, and pushing boundaries both in lyrical content and delivery, their music teases amalgamations of crooning, chanteo, and shatta flow. Vocal styles found in R&B, Reggaeton, and Dance Hall. The global, sonic landscape Lester Rey creates is informed by the concrete jungles of Chicago, the tropical island of Puerto Rico, and evolves further with the spirit in the machine of the internet.


Lester Rey defines his catchy, eccentric, and honest sound as a creation that taps into the knowledge "de aqui y de alla" to create a world "ni de aqui y ni de alla" (the knowledge from here and from there to create a world neither from here or from there). A new home for people who feel forgotten, displaced, and left behind to survive between the cracks. A proclamation, a stance to declare our existence and worth in a post colonial matrix.  

"A healthy reminder that Bad Bunny is not the only urbano artist challenging gender binaries, Lester Rey’s brand new single “Santuario” is all about finding refuge in your own authentic self."

- Remezcla

“Making music he calls the reinvention of Latin Soul, Lester’s ability to flirt with a variety of rhythms and create something unexpected in an R&B format reflects vulnerability and courage.”

- NPR Music


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