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Singer / Songwriter  / Percussionist / Producer



"A healthy reminder that Bad Bunny is not the only urbano artist challenging gender binaries, Lester Rey’s brand new single “Santuario” is all about finding refuge in your own authentic self." - Remezcla

"Making music he calls the reinvention of Latin Soul, Lester’s ability to flirt with a variety of rhythms and create something unexpected in an R&B format reflects vulnerability and courage." - NPR Music

"The future is now, and the future is Lester Rey" - The Off-Kilter Times

“'Chicago-Rican', 'latinx', cantante, músico y productor. Amante de la salsa, del soul y del bugalú, Lester Rey se define como un intérprete y artista que mezcla sus preferencias, gustos y causas en su propuesta, con la que busca actualizar el estilo del R&B." - The Chicago Tribune